Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS) formerly Tigria Scientific and Academic Network (TSAN) was established in 2010 in an online conference held in the presence of participants from all continents (Europe, Africa, N.America, Australia, Asia, and The Middle East). Since then, the network/society has grown in number and maturity with the official formation of an organized structural organization since 2012.

It is established with the vision “To help produce scientifically, globally competent generation in Tigray by educating the youth/society through hierarchical sharing of global intellect and experience. It aims to serve as a “HUB” and “PLATFORM” to bring all Tigrian and Tigray origin scholars residing abroad and back-home together, fostering the culture of helping each other and their region and people in a more organized and productive way. Its bold task is aimed at creating a strong scientific community, via advancing science and technology, capable of competing at the global market and in turn helps its region/country and people to its full level capacity.

To realize this, the network has established partnership with Mekelle University, Tigray regional government, and Tigray education bureau.

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